Case Studies

Sales and Customer Support Call Centre Integration

Black River developed a full service sales and customer support application for a call centre operated by a USA-based satellite TV service provider. The client required a custom solution built to exact specifications to streamline deployment on various infrastructure in domestic and offshore call centres. A dynamic CRM application with real-time integration into a centralized Asterisk PBX was created to serve the needs of the phone agents, along with a versatile administration backend designed to manage the call scenarios, schedule campaigns, and review the performance statistics of individual agents  and campaigns in general. The system enabled over two hundred agents in San Diego and Manila to successfully collaborate on sales and support campaigns, and allowed the client to maintain the phone system at the lowest possible expense.

Online TV Show Branding and Marketing

Recently Black River was approached by a film production company to create a complete online distribution and re-branding package for a popular TV series broadcasted in the late 90’s on  MTV network – Undressed. Black River developer a new custom site for the show developed using CodeIgniter-based CMS, including an API integration with Blip.TV online broadcasting service. A complete automated Social Marketing package was designed as well, to cross-promote the show between the most popular social media networks such a YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Transport Logistics portal

A high-load ready online information exchange network developed for the  members of the haulage market: freight owners, hauliers, freight forwarders. The application runs on a highly optimised MSSQL database supporting replication on multiple servers. The data is accessed through Microsoft Entity Framework (MS EF), which supports distributed caching and asynchronous request processing. The frontend is based on ASP.NET MVC4 framework and serves date source for both HTML5 and Silverlight rich clients. During the development process Black River always uses test-driven development methodology and agile (Scrum) project management techniques.

Golf Training Mobile Application

A mobile application designed to analyse and improve golf skills. A monitoring Bluetooth dongle is attached to a golf club and paired with mobile device (Android or iOS running tablets and phones). The player’s swing is displayed as a 3D model accompanied with various angles, speeds and other analytics. BlackRiver has built custom framework to support data interaction between the app and the bluetooth dongle which aims to provide stable and fast data exchange. To avoid data loss, the framework implements multithreaded data analysis approach: incoming data is being organised in a queue and a few threads are polling it. Server synchronisation  is totally transparent for user – data is being synced with the cloud server. Data exchange is organised via secure HTTPS protocol with compression to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Sugar CRM

SugarCRM and Filemaker Integration

A local advertising agency decided to take the open source route and setup SugarCRM as their main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. At that point, the company was running Filemaker as the main fulfilment and booking software. The goal was a full 2-way synchronization between the two databases of all Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. Among other tasks, Black River had to integrate SugarCRM with the existing Microsoft Exchange server and a Asterisk-based PBX system. This way all inbound and outbounds calls, e-mails and contacts were tracked and assigned to appropriate Accounts within SugarCRM.

Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) and Advanced Reports

A unique Windows-based WIMP (Windows-IIS-MySQL-PHP) implementation of an Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) cluster setup for a large Toronto’s publishing company. The cluster is based on 5 servers including a direct hookup to a CDN (Content Delivery Network). In this project, multiple Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) plugins were created to customize various aspects of the Advance Reports feature of Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source). In all our Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) projects there is always a heavy emphasis placed on visitor targeting, achieved through a multitude of custom delivery limitation plugins. Each project setup comes with extensive documentation and staff training.

Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) in Online Gaming

Black River successfully deployed Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) clusters for online gaming. An extensive Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) cluster setup – based on 14 LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) servers and capable of serving up to 30,000 impressions per second in peak hours – for a very popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game. This project involved some deep integration of Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) API and the Adobe Flash-based game client as well as custom aggregation and processing of statistics, gathered from the nodes of the cluster.

Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) Cluster and RTB Network

One of our most recent clients was a local ethnic marketing agency, which specializes in resale of large advertising packages from the provincial and federal governments and “corporate Canada” to a group of Canadian ethnic news publishers in various languages such as Hindu, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Polish and etc. The distribution of digital ads is happening through a private highly-customized Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) RTB-enabled (Real Time Bidding) network which consist of over 100 ethnic partner publishers.

Recent Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Expandable Banners

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  Expandable Banners The following example demonstrates a 600px by 150px banner served by Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  and expanded to 600px by 300px on rollover. The flash creative can be either uploaded to creatives directory directly (FTP) or just as an another Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  banner (preferred). When uploading the SWF creative, you do not need to replace any hardcoded URLs or indicate a destination URL – that would be done in the HTML banner setup. Essentially, we are just using it as a storage container for our creative, all impressions and clicks will be … read more

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