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As a business owner it is sometimes difficult to decide where to advertise – Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter, Facebook Ads or maybe even local online media. Which network will be most cost-effective for my business? Which network will give me the highest ROI? The reality is that the best result can only be achieved through a clever combination of all. That’s where Aimo Marketing Platform steps in!

In a nutshell, Aimo is an ad network aggregator and your own personal automated PPC campaign manager. It allows you to easily create and mange multiple PPC campaigns across all mainstream networks using a single dashboard. The best part – Aimo will do all the hard work. The platform is designed to optimise your campaigns using the latest PPC management techniques, algorithms and extensive demographic/geographic targeting. Aimo will also make sure to properly allocate your budget between networks to achieve the highest Return-On-Investment possible .

Unlike most advertising agencies out there, Aimo works with almost any budget from just 100 to 10,000 dollars a month – you decide how much you want to spend, and you can pause your campaigns at any time. To provide only the most effective results, Aimo is always exploring new markets such as mobile and video ads or local community media, which if proven worthy, could be added to your advertising portfolio!

We are located in Toronto and we believe in local markets and enjoy working with local businesses. Whether you are a small business owner and this is your first online advertising experience, or you are an established business and you want to improve your current results – Aimo is the right solution for you!

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