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Considering the small size and compactness of mobile applications, a scrupulous attention to details is a must! That’s why we, at Black River, believe in developing enterprise-level mobile applications that can meet the highest industry standards possible. All mobile applications go through modular testing, automated UI testing and analysis of hardware resource usage – cpu, memory and most importantly battery life.

A few of Black River’s field-tested technologies and procedures used in mobile application development:

Support for majority of devices – iPhone, iPhone, iPod, iPad (I, II. III and mini), Android (v 2.* – 4.*, tablets and smartphones, including low-end models), Black River is currently experimenting with a recently released Windows 8.

Full integration with existing systems or web sites, data storage and user authorisation – Black River will setup data exchange between your mobile application and your web server, as well as synchronization between multiple user devices. Data exchange between your servers and the mobile application occurs through a RESTful web service, which can serve data through secure HTTPs protocol. We can also deploy push notification through Apple Push Notification Service and Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework.

Interaction of mobile applications with social networks – users of your application will be able to access their social network contacts and profiles within your mobile application. To simplify registration, a new user can authorise/login with an existing Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account.

Support of Bluetooth protocol – Black River can establish communication between a custom-developed hardware and your mobile application.

Publication, support and promotion of  mobile applications in Application Markets – Black River will release and update your mobile application on App Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace. While you fully concentrate on your business, we will take care of all the technical aspects such as elimination of bugs, notifying users of new software releases, monitoring the performance of your application on each individual platform. Tracking and analysis of bugs is done using Bugsense, JIRA Mobile connect, as well as specific platform tools in Google Play Console and App Store.

Experienced team and well optimised development process – code and user interface goes through both automatic and manual QA procedures based on various use-cases. Automatic daily builds are made using the Jenkins continuous integration server (read more about it in our blog). To support testing on multiple devices, we have engineered a custom Jenkins CI cluster which can work with multiple slave builders, some of which are designed for Android and others for iOS.

If you have an idea for a mobile application, or your business needs a presence on the mobile market, or maybe you just need an advice on how to monetize your mobile traffic – feel free to contact us using the form on the right.

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