Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source)

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Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) related work is our specialty! BlackRiver has been using this open-source ad serving platform for many years and witnessed the evolution of the software from phpAds, phpAdsNew, OpenAds, OpenX Source and the latest Revive Adserver.

Most of our Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) projects can be classified into three distinct groups:

Revive Adserver Clusters

Black River has built various highly scalable Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) -based clusters running on both LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) and WIMP (Windows-IIS-MySQL-PHP) software configurations, ranging from two to two dozen servers. Every cluster setup  includes a careful optimisation of the Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) application.  A specialised set of tools was developed to enable easy deployment and maintenance of new Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) cluster nodes. Black River provides both cloud-hosted and on-premises Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) cluster solutions.

Revive Adserver Plugins

Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) platform is extremely flexible and can be greatly extended using the built-in plugins API . Black River has developed RTB (realtime-bidding) Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) plugin, which allows registered advertisers to bid on impressions. The RTB plugin works best in conjunction with the Daily Budget plugin which gives advertisers an option to specify the maximum daily budget they are willing to spend on a certain campaign. We have also extended the Advanced Reports section of Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) with features like Inventory Prediction and Customised Performance Alerts.

Revive Adserver API and 3rd party software integration

Black River completed a number of Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) API integrations with 3rd part software, from simple statistical display to a complete replacement of the stock Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) UI. Most notable would be the WordPress Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) control plugins, integration with various CRM systems like SugarCRM and mobile applications.

All of the Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) related products and services come with complimentary detailed documentation. We also provide extensive on-site training for ad managers, banner designers and Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) administrator.


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    Recent Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Expandable Banners

    Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  Expandable Banners The following example demonstrates a 600px by 150px banner served by Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  and expanded to 600px by 300px on rollover. The flash creative can be either uploaded to creatives directory directly (FTP) or just as an another Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  banner (preferred). When uploading the SWF creative, you do not need to replace any hardcoded URLs or indicate a destination URL – that would be done in the HTML banner setup. Essentially, we are just using it as a storage container for our creative, all impressions and clicks will be … read more

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