Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) RESTful API Wrapper

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Finally, our development team at Black River got a chance to try out the newRevive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) RESTful API Wrapper made by

The API wrapper comes in a form of an extremely clean and tight package – all you have to do is unzip it into the www/api/ folder of yourRevive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  installation, where it will reside alongside the v1 and v2 versions of the default legacy XML-RPC wrapper.

Code wise, the whole package looks very clean, professional and well organised – I only wish there was a bit more commentary inside the actual sources, just in case anything has to be modified or slightly tailored for clients’ specific applications.

The package comes with a sample PHP client and examples of all possible REST calls included in the API. It makes the initial implementation a breeze – you never have to guess which parameters and what format you have to use in the API calls (unlike the default XML-RPC wrapper).

We have integrated this wrapper into some of our current Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  project to get a better idea of the overall performance under load. We were pleasantly surprised to see that many of the calls clearly produced a performance improvement over the stock API.

Another very important aspect that I must mention is the complete API documentation available on the site, there you can find the definition of all possible calls included into the wrapper, the required argument types and return values. This is probably the key downside of the stock Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  XML-RPC API implementation – absolute lack of documentation and the ever so diminishing support.

So, if you or your company is already developing any kind of 3rd party software that has to communicate with Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  via API calls, or you are just starting out and learning the trade – this wrapper is definitely a must-have! You will save many hours of frustration and aggravation  trying to get the stock API to work. When it comes to Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  related products, this is the best money we have ever spent!

8 Responses to “Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) RESTful API Wrapper”

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  2. Adnan says:

    They re charging for API!!!!

    • Ilya Ber says:

      They are charging for a well organised and neatly documented RESTful wrapper – a must have if you are doing any serious OpenX API work.

  3. Terry says:

    Would this work with Revive?

  4. Anjar says:

    WOW, i think its a free API, but… arrggghh TT

  5. Andi says:

    hi, nice info, but it’s a paid api, is there any free revive adserver api out there?

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