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Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) The idea behind the CPA Model

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CPA model – Cost Per Acquisition, or in reality a much broader Cost Per Action, is a model in which the advertiser pays for any action that a potential customer (site visitor) is making. It can be just about anything: new user registration, survey submit, online purchase, file download, an instance of a gameplay; as long as it’s a well-defined action. The key is for Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) to be able to track that action. When you create … read more

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Third Party Click Tracking

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With Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source), you can still easily track clicks when using a third party HTML click tags or alternatively by loading your zone invocation code into a third party ad server. Third party click tags on Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) By default, Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) supports multiple popular third party HTML tags. To track clicks for third party ads, you would need to perform the following steps: Select the name of a listed third party ad … read more

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Magic Macros

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Magic Macros are your typical macro commands that you can place inside the HTML banner or the banner destination URL for an ad to insert various attributes into the generated ad code. HTML Content Macros Magic Macro Description {clickurl} Substituted by the Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) click tracking URL for the delivered ad example: http://…/delivery/ck.php?oaparams=2__bannerid=… {timestamp} Substituted by a decimal string based on the current timestamp example: 1185290310.72 {random} Substituted by a 10 character alpha-numeric random string value example: b616f31e72 {logurl}* Substituted … read more

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Direct Selection

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Direct selection is a way to manage delivery of your inventory without using publishers and zones. To use direct selection, you create a selection string and place it directly in the ad tag. The selection string instructs Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) which banners to consider for delivery. Direct selection is more flexible and more powerful than using zones to select banners for delivery. However, there is a disadvantage: because the selection is made from within the ad tag, you must … read more

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Glossary

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Account: An account in Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) is an entity that owns various other entities (such as Campaigns, Creatives, Websites, Zones, Accounts, etc.). The Account’s type, or Realm, defines which entities are ‘owned’ by it, and therefore which entities it can perform various operations on. An account can have one or more Users linked to it. However, even if a User is linked to more than one Account when logged into Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) they can only be logged … read more

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Online advertising industry terms

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Above the fold: Any area of a web page that can be viewed without visitors having to scroll. Ad space in this area tends to have a higher value than that located elsewhere on the page. Ad flight: The total length of an advertising campaign. Ad network: An advertising company that brokers deals between online publishers and advertisers. Bigger ad networks aggregate sites into general categories so that they can offer advertisers targeted markets. Ad networks are responsible for selling and serving the … read more

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) How to: Debugging Conversion Trackers

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This tutorial will guide you through the advanced steps which need to be taken in order to check whether the Conversion Trackers set in your Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) inventory are working properly. To understand the contents of this tutorial you must have a good knowledge of certain advanced debugging techniques, as well as access to the Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) database contents. System requirements: OpenX Source 2.8+ or Revive Adserver Required knowledge: Basic understanding of HTTP Headers … read more

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Conversion Tracking Tutorial

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This tutorial will guide you through an initial setup of the Conversion Tracking feature provided by Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source). The conversion tracking feature consists of setting up trackers for an advertiser and then linking trackers to particular campaigns you want to track. Example Tracker usage: If you are a credit card company and you want to track how many applications get filled out as a result of your ads, you might want to put a tracker on the application confirmation page. Doing … read more

Revive Adserver (Formerly OpenX Source) lives on!

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We are genuinely pleased to announce that the best open source ad server (former OpenX Source) software is going to live on and continue being actively developed – meet the Revive Adserver project. As we are all so well aware, OpenX Corporation has been blatantly mistreating our favourite software for years – slowly degrading support and development. Even though fairly popular in the community, the project was stagnating, until finally, the company decided to drop it completely and concentrate on enterprise solutions. Thankfully, … read more

Recent Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source) Expandable Banners

Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  Expandable Banners The following example demonstrates a 600px by 150px banner served by Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  and expanded to 600px by 300px on rollover. The flash creative can be either uploaded to creatives directory directly (FTP) or just as an another Revive AdServer (Formerly OpenX Source)  banner (preferred). When uploading the SWF creative, you do not need to replace any hardcoded URLs or indicate a destination URL – that would be done in the HTML banner setup. Essentially, we are just using it as a storage container for our creative, all impressions and clicks will be … read more

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